Researchers' cooperative corporation social-IN3 was founded by experts convinced by the new challenge of the Information Age at XXIst century, which will modify our whole Society.
Change is happening now, right under our eyes!
We are involved into that change as actors and subjects. Our group informally dealt with those questions for 15 years with the support of academic structures. Those questions are explored by our group of initiators for 15 years and were published on that theme. More than 3 000 pages on that subject have been issued on the Internet or in printed material.
In 2012 we became conscious that we needed to adopt a corporate structure to foster this theme. We agreed to found a private company, or a think tank that links ourselves at the highest level of Technology, Science and Social with the Information Age. Perhaps we will share our beliefs with other actors and partners ... Including You?


1st Swiss Research Cooperative Corporate Company

The basic idea which lead to the foundation of social-IN3 cooperative independent research group was to share knowledge among experts and that this new function is dynamic in terms of independence and ambition. Members of cooperatives researchers want to foster a strong link between themselves, based on experienced mutual knowledge and intrinsic collaboration of more than five years (the average duration of collective collaboration between themselves as members should be of ten years). Trust and mutual understanding between the actors of the network are important for the credibility of relationships and a productive dialogue. Social and professional skills: they build a bridge between logical group and individual practices.

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